The time had come to leave India, we checked in at 8am for our 10:15am flight with royal Nepal airlines to find a 4 hour delay awaiting us. The flight was excellent taking 1 hour and 10 minutes the plane did look about 20 years old but the staff were friendly and we got a hot meal with 2 cans of beer. The visa system on arrival was good costing 25$ or £22 in cash for up to 15 days. When we got through our luggage was awaiting. In the arrival hall was a section for pre paid taxis. We paid 700 rupees (£4) for a taxi to hotel nepalaya in thamel it took just over 30 minutes.

Kathmandu looked like no city I have seen but was very touristy with a hippy feel to it. On check in the staff were very friendly and our room was huge costing £25 for the night with breakfast for 3 people.
Dinner was chicken chopsuey costing £1.95 and a gin and tonic £1.40. We went for a walk down the street to look for a tour and I couldn’t believe the vibe that this place had. I felt so comfortable.

We booked a day city tour, white water rafting and 2 night chitwan safari costing £106ea. Tomorrow was going to be our first day with no plans since leaving the U.K. I felt like I was more than ready for this after the last week.

Woke up this morning with a stinking cold. Delhi and the temperature change had taken its toll. Breakfast was up on the rooftop I basically had a few potatoes. Then we went for a walk and went to check out a different hotel. Hotel lily, we paid £60 for 5 nights for the 3 of us. Not including breakfast but we were going to miss it 3 days anyway.

At midday we checked out of hotel nepalaya and walked the 500metres to hotel lily. The room was ok, pretty basic but 3 good beds. Then we walked down to Durbar square to find a 1000 rupees entrance fee. We decided against it and popped in a fast food place. 2 samosa cost just 70 rupees (50p) they were well filled and tasty.

In Kathmandu the air was full of dust and work was still going on from the earthquake in 2015. Managed to clock up 13km before getting back to the hotel and chilling out for a bit.

Went for dinner at the “happy place” restaurant. Food was basic and took along time. Had a terrible night sleep noise from the street was relentless, pigeons, dogs and shutters closing at all hours. Tonight was definitely going to involve ear plugs and I was ever more excited to get to chitwan national park tomorrow for some peace.

Had breakfast in the hotel Then went to the tour office for our city tour which started at 930am the guy pulled up in a new looking 4×4, when it said city tour it basically ment being dropped of at 5 major city attractions. First we stopped off at monkey temple (swayambhunath) cost 250 rupees to get in. Right on top of the hill overlooking Kathmandu. The sky was so blue. Mountains all around and Monkeys literally everywhere.

Next temple Boudhanath Stupa an impressive white dome with gold decorations the biggest temple in Nepal. We had chicken chow mein lunch with a drink it came to £4 for the 3 of us. Then we went onto pashupatinath temple built in 1696, It cost 1000 rupees but the place was huge! Monkeys were roaming around, one took the opportunity to try and pinch my friends bag. There was hindu body burning ceremony on the river. I’ve never seen and watched so much grief. The pain was raw.

Then we drove to bhaktar on arrival entrance was 1500 rupees we decided against it. Went onto patan square, the area had been devastated by the 2015 earthquake entrance to the museum cost 1000 rupees.

We had dinner at shafqat Halal restaurant. Food was average as was the service, cost £9 for the 3 of us. We then hit the supermarket for supplies for the trip to chitwan national park in the morning via white water rafting. Set the alarm for 5am and went to sleep.

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