Booking Hotels

img_3798Booking hotels you can literally save hundreds of pounds by shopping around. I use 3 main websites when it comes to booking rooms :

A lot of rooms you can get with free cancellation and you can pay on arrival although you can save by paying when you book. When booking look out for additional fees that you may encounter when checking in. normally have all the fees included. Often you can find that one room on one of the sites can vary so it’s a good idea to flick between them. For my trip in 2017 I’ve booked rooms from £2.50 a night in chiang Mai to £239 in Singapore. All of the 3 sites have good mobile apps and you can download your booking confirmation straight to your phone. The photo is a selection of some of the places I’m staying during my trip in January most of the ones featured are in Thailand, however also Singapore and Dubai.

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