Hong Kong

We left on the 1335 Emirates flight from London Gatwick to Dubai, arriving 50 minutes ahead of schedule the flight was nothing short of perfect from food to service. We had 3 hours before our flight to Hong Kong and checked into lounge B at terminal 3. Again perfect food and service.
Next flight departed at 0315 took us 45 minutes to taxi onto the runway. Managed to sleep for 3 hours of the 6.5 hour flight. Service was great breakfast was a bit strange, porridge with prawns and ginger.
We landed in Hong Kong at 1415. I was relieved to arrive. The airport express train took 24 mins and cost £8 one way. Arrived at Kowloon new hostel for them to try and charge us double. So we left and booked a room at
£135 for 5 nights for 2 of us. The room was tiny but it was a bed. We walked down to the harbour. A bucket list view I had dreamed of for years. Then had dinner at see fah. Chilli beef cost around £6.

The last 2 days in Hong Kong we got up at midday both days. Jet lag was still a problem waking up at 1am for a few hours each night. We went to the science museum which cost 20hkd was really impressive with a lot of exhibits. We also went on a boat trip which was included in our iventure pass and included ultimated free drinks for the 1.5hour duration. On the last day we got the star ferry across to Hong Kong and went up the mid level escalators and to man mo temple. On the way back we went to Kowloon park which was pleasant with nice gardens and lakes. We had dinner and packed up for our next stop.

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