Siem Reap

We left our hotel room at 5am and got the 530am airport bus to catch our flight at 7:45am with Hk express. The airport was huge we literally had 5 minutes to spare.
The flight was good. They had a policy of no food or drink from outside, a water cost 20hkd.
On arrival we paid 30usd for an entry visa lasting a month. Our luggage was already through and we went outside to find our driver waiting. He took us 20 minutes by tuk tuk to our hotel. The room cost £29 for 3 nights with breakfast and was ready for us at 10am. Went for a walk to pub street and found that beer was just 35p for 300ml!
We paid 72$ for a tuk tuk driver to take us to the floating village and tour the temples the next day.
We got in the tuk tuk to go to the floating village at 3pm. It took around 20 minutes. We then paid an extra 3$ to get a private boat. It was a really good trip it was crazy to think that in the dry season the lake was just a metre deep and 12 metres in the rainy season and all the houses float.
Next day we got up at 430am to see the sunrise at Angkor wat. The view was amazing. I couldn’t believe how busy it was. We then went to Angkor thom and ta prohm where tomb raider was filmed.
Cambodia was amazing it was full of happy people. Probably the happiest I’ve ever met.
The next day we checked into kiri residence, it cost £21 for a night including breakfast. The room was really good and it had a really nice pool. In the evening we went to the centre for some 50c beers and did some shopping in the night market.
I had a really good sleep, it was nice to have air conditioning. After breakfast we checked out and moved onto Pacific hotel and spa.
I had pre paid £51 for the night with breakfast. We got a free upgrade and the room was epic. With welcome drinks and a cold towel on arrival. We literally spent the day laying round enormous pool just had a break for lunch which we had in the hotel restaurant 4 courses and a beer for 8$.
Our flight departed the next morning at 950am to Bangkok.
Cambodia had been incredible nothing was too much for anyone, everyone had a huge smile on their face. I would definitely come back and thoroughly recommend it.

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