We left for Pai at 830am on a bus costing 160bht each. The journey was going to take around 3hours. We were picked up in a nice small bus but after just 10 minutes we saw the fate of being transferred onto another one. It was much older with our luggage being strapped to the roof. The journey was horrific. Hair pin bends, the driver overtaking on blind spots. One girl behind was sick in the first hour. We arrived into Pai and shared a taxi to our hotel. The mountain view backpackers resort. It was literally in the middle of no where. We were taken to our little hut. It was basic but really cool costing £9ea for 3 nights. Then we walked into town and took 2 hours trying to get a moped. In the end we succeeded. It cost £14 for 3 days. Petrol cost just £1 to fill the tank.
We drove up to the white Buddha up on the hill the view was incredible. Then we went down into town for dinner. The next day we got up and drove to the Pai memorial bridge, Pai canyon followed by some waterfalls. Everything was free to get into. After the waterfall I had my first stumble on the bike. Braking on a bend I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t stopping, then I realised I was still accelerating.
I escaped with just a sprained wrist and scrape on my knee. In the evening we went to the sunset bar to try a happy shake. It was insane. I’ve never felt to content and chilled.
The next day we both had food poisoning. Without knowing what had caused it whether it was using tap water to clean our teeth or an undercooked steak. We spent the whole day just lying around. With exception of booking a bus back to Chiang Mai at 1130am the next day and getting some much needed travel sickness pills. Pai had been amazing, it had a vibe like no where else however, land of the smiles? This title goes to Cambodia right now.

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