Our flight to Bangkok with Thai smile was cancelled luckily we got moved onto a Thai one 10 minutes earlier. After arriving in Bangkok we caught a bus for 100thb to the centre. We arrived on khaosan road and found our hotel. The humidity was intense. We stayed in the sawasdee bumpaloo hotel costing £10 a night with breakfast. The room was “ok” and came with a fridge. We went out for a walk towards the palace. Still many people were dressed in black after the passing of their king in late 2016. For the next day we booked a tour to the floating market/ bridge over the river Kwai for 650thb. I didn’t think we would manage to fit in kanchanaburi the place where my grandad was held a prisoner during ww2.
The floating market was around 1.5 hours from Bangkok. It was a sight of many boats selling souvenirs and fresh food items on boats the prices were noticeably inflated from the rest of Thailand we had seen so far.
Arriving in kanchanburi was the first time I missed home, thinking about family, visiting the area where my grandad was held by the Japanese army. We walked over the railway bridge, and visited the war cemetery where my great grandad was buried in 1944. We then had the 2 hour journey back to Bangkok.
Next morning we woke up and went to the palace and wat op (the leaning Buddha) they cost 500thb and 100thb both were really impressive the detail was insane. The palace was crazy busy.
Then we went to lumphini park. Where they had lizards in the lake around 3-4ft long.
In the evening we went out for a drink on khaosan road, that drink led to a few drinks which resulted in us missing our early morning flight to Chumphon to get our ferry to Ko Tao. As a result we booked a flight to Surat Thani with air Asia in a hope of getting a ferry to Ko Tao in the afternoon.

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