Phi Phi

We arrived at phi phi islands at 1pm from Phuket. On the boat we had a good chance to lay in the sun on top deck until the heavens opened and we and all of our belongings got completely soaked from a passing storm. We had booked to stay at pp Charlie beach resort which was 600m from the pier. I didn’t realise that phi phi was actually tiny! You could walk from one side to the other in 5 minutes. It was full of bars and restaurants. There was still room for 3 7 elevens, the prices were all inflated with water costing 18tb in Bangkok it was 7thb.
The hotel was good with 2 infinity pools looking out onto the sea. We only had 2 days in phi phi and both of them ended up drunk. A bucket of vodka mixer cost just 150thb. On the second day we joined the phi phi pirate boat tour. It cost 700thb and stopped at monkey beach (which was tiny) then the Viking cave followed by maya bay which we stopped for 2 hours for snorkelling and kayaking. If you wanted to step a foot onto the beach it would set you back 400thb! Which was a government charge. The movie the beach is making them a lot of money. The sea was clear and there were the most fish I’ve seen at one stage you could feel them all around you.
During our stay we ate at basil bistro twice with a curry and rice costing just 90thb, a little over £2.
Phi phi had a really good vibe to it but was really busy full of tourists. Ko Tao was still my favourite Thai island. We left the next afternoon for our ferry to Ao Nang nursing a hangover.

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