Arriving in Singapore it was quick to realise how accessible the city was. The trains were cheap and had a really good network. Taxis were also a fair price. We stayed at parc wyatt sovereign hotel. The room was nice but very small. The hotel had a roof top pool which we didn’t even use in our 3 days here. On the first evening we went to check out marina bay sands. The gardens were impressive as was the structure of the hotel. We went for a cocktail at the top for an amazing view of the city however it did set us back £17.50 a drink. Sitting at the skybar you could just about see a section of the largest infinity pool in the world. Which looked packed with people taking selfies.
During our stay in Singapore we went to universal studios and the Singapore zoo. Both were really worth while. March was out of season for Singapore so at universal the longest we queued was 5 minutes. The zoo was without a doubt the best zoo I’ve been to in the world with a chance to feed giraffes and many other animals.
Singapore is very expensive compared with the rest of south east Asia. With items like water in a shop costing around £1. Alcohol has a very high tax. They are a very green city and promote drinking water so unlike shops in Thailand for example you will only find a small bottled water section.
Singapore had an extremely safe and clean feel to it. It was clear that this city was aiming to be much more than just a stopover city.

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