Returning home

Returning on the flight back to the UK I felt some what lost that the travel was over. After spending 9 weeks in South East Asia it was a time of reflection.
Looking at the highlights and the few low points. I couldn’t believe how many sites we had seen, foods we had experienced and people from all different cultures and walks of life that we had Met.
Cambodia for me was a real highlight. I can still picture many of the local people and their contagious smiles.
After being back 2 weeks I felt some what lost, like a part of me would never be found again. It was really hard to adjust that I was sat back in the same front room, reading the newspaper drinking coffee.
People say travelling changes you, it certainly does. It makes you realise that you don’t need to have everything to be happy. I think it’s a huge problem in the western world that we have desire for objects that in reality can never be reached. I felt very much like I was trapped back in the same world I had left behind 9 weeks ago. When you travel you are worry free, your day to day life is where are you going to eat? Where are you going to explore? Which shorts shall I wear today?
Coming home especially in a customer service facing role your daily met with people who have complaints and problems that can sometimes be so trivial. All you want to do is look at them and say are you really complaining about this??
Sometimes I would love to have the ability to transport them to places I’ve seen be it in Nepal or Cambodia and show them that life can actually be so much easier if you don’t fuss over the big things.
Sadly i feel like social media and the media it’s self is slowly changing the way we are and the days of going on a plane or to a bar and just being grateful to have a drink with your friends or to be going to explore another part of the world are now overlooked.
I look forward to travelling again sometime in the future. Would I go for 9 weeks? That I cannot answer. People say the travel bug is addictive. It definitely is. But it’s the after thought that maybe has a bigger effect on some people.

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