When I travelled last time around I took a 65 litre backpack along with a carry on backpack. This time around i wanted to try and making moving around a bit easier…so I decided to attempt packing in a smaller bag. I went out and bought a 30 litre backpack, was I out of my mind? Potentially.

When packing as I said last time around packing cubes are the way forward.

At the end of the year i will be going away for 5 weeks. I decided to do a mock pack to check what I’m going to take would fit. The second bonus of taking a small bag means no check in bag. This results in SAVING MONEY and not spending time waiting at airports for your luggage to arrive.

I managed to pack the following:

4 tshirts, 4 vests, 2 shorts, 3 swimshorts, 4 pairs of underwear, 4 pairs of socks, flip flops, dive mask and computer, go pro, wallet, passport and dive log book, toiletries, a towel, headphones, sunglasses, travel adapter, speaker and chargers.

It was a bit of a squeeze but I’m more than surprised how much you can fit in. Using the packing cubes makes it super easy to unpack and pack from location to location.

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