Travel tips! The philippines

  • If you travel to Sagada in December/ January be prepared its wet and cold unlike other areas in the Philippines where you can lay on the beach. Also the journey from Manila is long, over 12 hours in a van.
  • In Manila use GRAB to get around the app is great and you get a price set before you travel.
  • Be prepared in Manila for traffic, apart from in India it was the worst traffic I’ve encountered.
  • Don’t fly with SkyJet. I spent a whole day in Manila airport waiting for a flight to Coron. Hardly any communication just that it was running late. For them to eventually cancel it with no further flight for the next day. It then took 70 days for a refund.
  • El Nido, check your accommodation, if its very cheap it will be basic. We changed hotel 3 times in 5 days. Netibo pension house doesn’t even have sinks in the bathrooms.
  • Shaka is amazing for vegetarian food and smoothie bowls with outlets in El Nido, Bohol and Moalboal.
  • In El Nido the boat tours get busy and they had stopped doing a combo tour A&C. We opted for tour A which was a great day.
  • For internal flights we used CEBU PACIFIC. They were all on time and great prices.
  • Be prepared, if the sea is rough the ferries will stop allow time to get to your final flight to leave the Philippines.
  • Be sure to try the fast food chains Inasal and Jollibee if you’re in a hurry and looking for a fast food fix.
  • Check tour prices on apps such as Klook, and then negotiate with local vendors. We did this for the Manjuood sandbar and had a private boat for the day for a very good price.
  • Get a local sim card- GLOBE from the airport, this way you can use apps such as GRAB to book taxis and use Google maps to ensure you are heading in the right direction for your destination.
  • Dive, dive, dive, the diving is incredible. In locations such as Bohol, Apo Island, Malapascua and Moalboal I had some of the best dives of my life and paid from as little as 18€!
  • Visiting places like Kawasan falls, go early to avoid the crowds.
  • Be aware that travel days can be long for example from Dumaguete to Moalboal or Moalboal to Malapascua is basically a whole day.
  • MAKE SURE you have travel insurance.

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