When the world…stopped.

Just over 4 months ago I took a last minute trip to Marrakech, Morocco. I didn’t imagine that after that point the world of travel would take a pause. The impact on covid19 has been truly devastating, taking many lives, and crippling economies and livelihoods worldwide.

I feel so lucky that in the past I have had the chance to travel to many different countries and I have an amazing catalogue of memories. The question is when will travel recover and how will it change?

The queue at immigration will be longer than ever, with new paperwork to be filled out, temperature checks at airports and potential swab checks when you enter a country.

Some countries wont take a chance on checking at the airport. With a possibility of asking for certificates of immunity or proof you have had a vaccine (when they become available).

Due to airline limitations there’s a real chance travel is going to get more expensive. With the cost of ppe and airport workers to factor in. The new normality of wearing a mask for the duration of a flight and not being able to get food on board. With different countries recovering at different times it could well be the case that you can only travel to certain countries with some being closed.

You will pack differently, with masks, hand gel and wet wipes now becoming items that you need to take.

More than ever you will be checking that your insurance covers you for a pandemic.

Due to the new social distancing and stigma around being ill, the chances are if you have even a cold you wont travel. With the looks you will get at the airport if you cough or sneeze being scathing.

For journeys where you can take a bus or a train the chances are it will be your first choice before a flight. With them being less crowded and being able to open windows. Even though most airlines will be advertising the quality of the filtered air.  

On a personal note, I’ve found it hard not to make plans, to book flights and search for new adventures. Its hard not knowing which areas can be explored next.  Hopefully in the coming months travel will start to bounce back.

I know one thing for sure im ready to pack my bag more than ever.

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