The future

Today I embarked on my first travel since the covid pandemic begun. 103 days felt like forever, I’ve been itching so much to catch a plane, to go on a ferry.
At the same time it’s been an ongoing question how will travel look after this?
For the time being the furthest I can go is Ibiza so I took that option. Prior to boarding we had the gentleman come to the car and check our temperatures before boarding. Once on board we put on our masks and maintained a safe distance from other travellers. On board the ship there was very clear signage and plastic screens above each seat.

We were given health questionnaires to fill out before arrival.
This morning I woke up and I had that feeling in my stomach of excitement and anticipation. I couldn’t wait to arrive in a new destination to sleep in a different bed, to meet new people. It made me realise how much the desire to travel burned inside me and made me reflect on some of the best and worst from the past.
Thinking about the worst rooms in Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur.

Also the best in Thailand and on a cruise, the bed was literally like sleeping on a cloud.

To the most unique glamping in Siquijor,  Philippines.

To the worst bathroom in El Nido, Philippines….yes the sink was non existent.

The best swimming pools in Marrakech, Morocco and Siem Riep, Cambodia.

To catching flights, ferries, to taking journeys on cruise ships.

Im so in love with travel. Truely addicted and I cannot wait to start this new chapter and I hope so much in weeks and months to come that this can continue.

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