Top 10 Cities!

I decided I should compile a rundown of my top 10 cities that I’ve visited so far. This list doesn’t run in an order, I’m not sure if I could pick a number one as they are pretty varied.

Las Vegas, USA

Located in the Nevada desert, this city has everything you need and more. I’ve visited 5 times over the past 15 years with different people and reasons and every time had an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to chill by the pool, visit the crazy themed hotels, bet on red (and drink for free), attend parties or take day trips to the grand canyon the possibilities are endless.

You can even hire a car and drive to Los Angeles for a night which is just 3 hours away. Time goes by so quickly here but luckily virtually everything is open 24/7.  There are so many dining options sometimes it’s too hard to choose where to eat and stage shows up and down the strip every night. Cirque du Soliel being a highlight. I’ve also seen Rod Stewart and Celine Dion here.

San Francisco, USA

Famous for its golden gate bridge and the offshore prison Alcatraz (book in advance), San Francisco has many options to keep you entertained. Its fairly pricey for hotels and food/ drink so if visiting on a budget its wise to plan in advance and even stay outside of the city. Last time I stayed in Richmond, it wasn’t the best area but it was easy to get around with a car. On this trip I also visited the Muir Woods, some of the tallest trees in the world along with 6 flags theme park which had some of the best rollercoasters I’ve experienced and the USS Hornet an aircraft carrier in Oakland. The size of the top deck was unreal.

Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal is my favourite city in Europe. With great architecture, cheap food and drink, a beach and famous custard tarts Lisbon really does have something for everyone. I took a day trip to the resort of Cascais too which was a really nice town. There was also a great aquarium and it’s a haven for photographers with the trams rolling up and down the old streets.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have visited Amsterdam between 10-15 times. Whether its to rave, chill or take in the culture Amsterdam has so much to offer. Its easily accessible in Europe just a 40 minute flight from London. Famous for its red light districts and coffee shops, Amsterdam actually has so much more to offer with amazing museums and parks. A personal favourite being the Heineken brewery tour complete with a free sample at the end. The options for sleeping range from top end hotels, to Airbnbs or sleeping on a canal boat. I’m sure Amsterdam will capture your mind.

Reykjavik, Iceland

One of the most expensive cities I’ve visited Reykjavik has a unique feel to it. A good base for touring the island and visiting the amazing waterfalls and scenery Iceland has to offer. The church is stunning as is the view from the top. In winter the days are very short so the buildings are all painted different colour. If you like to drink then the app: Appy hour will come in handy with the price of alcohol possibly being the highest in Europe.

Rio de Janerio, Brazil

New addition! What a city, up there in the top 3. I recently spent 10 days there and the possibilities really are endless. From the famous sugarloaf mountain and Christ the redeemer to Copocabana beach and the Atlantic rainforest. I would recommend this city to everyone.

Bangkok, Thailand

I’ve been to this city 3 times and every time gained a new experience. From its temples to crazy nightlife and street food on Khason road, Bangkok is a backpackers dream. If you want to visit it upmarket then there are countless of top end hotels with roof top pools.

Bangkok is the perfect city break before heading on to venture into Asia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the city that keeps growing. Last year went I returned the amount of new skyscrapers was insane. Its amazingly cheap and the markets and shopping malls are out of this world for shopaholics. You can also immerse yourself into the culture of the Batu Caves and temples throughout the city as well as the iconic Petronas Towers. Kuala Lumpur is your chance to hire that amazing penthouse suite with an infinity pool for as little as 25€ a night!


This city in the Far East is futuristic and full of adventure. From universal studios to the incredible zoo and Marina bay. Its very expensive compared to other cities in Asia but if you plan ahead you can find a good price for accommodation. Transport is super efficient and it’s the cleanest city I’ve come across.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech really is a gem of north Africa. Surrounded by desert but also close to the Atlas mountains. Whether you want to go hiking, quad biking, camel trekking or hot air ballooning there is so much to do here. The local cuisine is amazing, and very cheap.

In the centre of the town you can get lost in the souks and bazars and haggle an  epic deal on endless shopping. In Marrakech it’s a great opportunity to stay at high end hotels for a low cost. You can also visit in January or February and get great weather with it being between 24-30 degrees. It does get chilly at night though.

So there it is, my top 10 cities in the world! I can’t wait to explore more and maybe there’s going to be a change to this list. I’m not a huge city person so normally I’m seeing a city during transitting through.

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