Como, Italy…in 5 hours.

I arrived in Milan and I knew that I wanted to visit Lake Como. My time schedule was tight as I had booked a train leaving Milan at 1448! I managed to cover 13km on foot and see some amazing sights.

Getting off the train at Como Borghi the first attraction I passed was the Porta Torre. I noticed immediately that Como was still missing tourists.

Next I walked through the city passing the Basilica di San Fedele, before heading down to the lake.

Then I took the funicolare up to Brunate which took just 7 minutes and cost 5.70€ for a return journey to see the amazing view of Como and the lake

I then took a walk around the lake passing the sea plane port.

And the Volta museum which was still closed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Then I followed the lake round to see the 18th century villa Olmo.

The weather was pretty much perfect for walking around. I spent some time sitting in the gardens in front of the villa Olmo. Como had a really welcoming feel to it. On the way back to the town and hunting for a lunch spot I passed the ww1 monument.

And a statue of Alessandro Volta who was born in Como and invented the battery aswell as discovering methane.

After lunch (which you can read about in my food in Italy blog) I had a quick look inside the cathedral. Which looked surreal with the chairs all being spaced apart. As the new norm.

I would 100% return to Como I’d love to take a trip down the lake and visit other towns too including the famous Bellagio. Food was reasonably priced here and there was alot of choice. No doubt in summer usually it gets very crowded so I’m glad I took the opportunity to visit it now.



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