Travelling after the pandemic…

Well, where to start. The virus is still taking so many lives and I want to start by saying rest in peace to every single life that has been lost. While the virus definitly hasn’t gone away the travel world is opening back up once again, with airbridges being formed but many restrictions still in place.

For my first trip I went to Italy, one of the countries that was hit hard early on by the virus. It’s now well and truely back open and welcoming tourists. I booked my flight and I booked hotels and hostels. Some private rooms but I also wanted to see how shared rooms were working out.

On board the inflight menu was avaliable on the app and only card payments were taken.

I took my flight from Mallorca, Spain to Milan, Italy with ryanair. Entering the airport I put my mask on and I kept it on until I reached my destination in Milan with the exception of drinking some water. The airport was well organised and it wasn’t very busy.

The flight felt ok, there was only around 40 passengers. Once arriving I jumped on the train to Milan. I felt there was a lack of hand sanitizer stations but I had my own. Also arriving into Italy I didn’t get asked to hand in the covid paperwork the airline advised. On the train there were clear markers showing people where you could sit. With the seat next to you and oppisite being left vacant.

The first hostel I stayed in was very clean, checking in I was asked to fill out paperwork for covid and asked to put hand sanitizer on when arriving. Some hostels also took my temperature when arriving.

Moving around the cities social distancing seemed to be working quite well. Everywhere you go there’s stickers telling you where to stand. With people wearing masks in shops and on all public transport. The train stations all had one way systems.

Dining out was a real mixture. Alot of restaurants were using QR codes for menus and delivering the cutlery with your meal. Some restaurants had reverted back to standard practices. At this time in Italy itself there were very few tourists. With the exception of Cinque Terre where at times it was impossible to keep a distance. On the beaches there were markers for social distancing and a one way system for entering and leaving.

In the airport there was also clear signage in the seating area. When travelling it’s always a good idea to

* carry a spare mask and find a mask that feels most comfortable especially for longer journeys.

* carry hand gel and wipes, if you’re going to use a table on transport

* book your train tickets in advance or allow yourself enough time to reach your destination. Bare in mind services are running at reduced capacity. Trains in Italy for example at 50%.

* when greeting people in hostels, respect social distancing.

* remember to check local guidelines on covid-19 as countries all have different regulations.

I felt safe travelling again. I felt like people were doing there best effort to control the spread. As long as everyone continues to be clean, not come into contact with each other hopefully the tourism industry can start to recover. I’m not sure if it was being in lockdown for 12 weeks in Spain but I feel like I now have the travel bug even more than ever.

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