Modena, Italy…. A hidden gem.

After arriving in Bologna in the afternoon I had a wonder round and realised the city wasn’t really my vibe. I looked on the map and noticed that it was however a good location for exploring other places.

I opted to take a train to Modena, costing just under 4€ each way and taking 30 minutes. It didn’t dissapoint. Home to Ferrari, Pavoritti and balsamic vinegar. I fell in love with this town. First up I stopped by the Ferrari museum which cost 17€ to get in.

It felt a very safe tour with a well planned one way system and they even gave masks to wear upon entering instead of using your own.

Then I took a walk around the very impressive centre.

Sadly I didn’t get time to visit the home of Pavoritti I did see his statue though.

Then ate some amazing gelato I opted for a peanut and dulce de leche flavour.

Before stumbling across the military academy.

I would definitely recommend this town. I’d love to visit Parma and Ferrara too on another trip.

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