Bologna, Italy…

I arrived by train from Milan, which took just over 2 hours. I felt a bit underwhelmed when I first arrived. The city felt a bit dark and there was more graffiti than anywhere I’ve seen.

I spent the first afternoon wandering around and took in the sights of the two towers one of them with a considerable lean.

Then saw the cathedral which is actually one of the top 10 biggest in the world. It took so much time and money that it didn’t even get finished over hundreds of years.

I stayed at the dopa hostel, which I would really recommend. It’s super clean, has a great hangout area and the bed and shower were great. I decided to go and check out Modena which was a 30 minute train journey away and I’m so happy I did it was amazing. Bologna is in a great position to visit other smaller towns by train with Parma and Ferrara both being nearby. Check the train prices though as the same ticket can vary from 3-20€ depending on the time and train.

I also had a brief look at one of the hidden canals. It’s not much to look at but a quick snap when you walk past.

I also climbed the panoramic view point next to the cathedral which cost 3€. The view was really nice. Nearby there is the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca which I heard also has a great view of the city.

Bologna wasn’t my favourite place in Italy it does have many great food options though be sure to check out the Ragu. It’s worth stopping by if your travelling around Italy.

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