Pisa, Italy

This is quite a short blog entry as I was pretty limited on time and I opted for just half a day in Pisa so I could make it to the coast line before heading up to Genoa.

The train was just under an hour from Florence and I walked 15 minutes from the station to my hotel. I looked out the window and recieved this view.

I stayed at night& day, which cost 21€ for a double room for one night. The room was fine although on the 7th floor and with a lift that was temperamental!

After I walked 15 minutes to the famous leaning tower. I was really excited to arrive and as expected there were very few tourists.

I felt really humbled by its appearance next to the cathedral which was also stunning. I bought a pistachio gelato from the truck just near the tower and sadly it was no where near as good as the one I had in Modena.

Then I went to see the famous painting by Keith Haring in 1989 for world peace.

Before taking a stroll by the river Arno which seemed a lot wider than in Florence.

In summary Pisa is a really nice place and it’s a bucketlist tick to see the famous tower but you don’t need that much time here.

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