Beaches in Mallorca

Home to 262 beaches that stretch for over 50km, Mallorca really is an ideallic island in the Mediterranean. If you’re planning a visit here are a few that you don’t want to miss out on!

Es trenc, located on the south of the island, 10km in length with shallow turquoise water.
Playa de Palma, just near the airport over 5km long.
Cala Pi, this small cove on the south coast has turquoise water. Gets busy on the weekend.
Cala romantica, great for snorkelling.
Cala Llombards, my personal favourite. Located on the east coast.
Camp de Mar, with the famous restaurant featured on netflix’s white lines.
Magaluf, famous for party people (not this year) also has a stunning beach.
Cala en Basset, rocky but with some of the bluest water.
Cala Saint vincente, on the north east coast.
Cala boix, around a 30 minute hike to reach. This beach has fine shingle.
Soller, on the north set in a harbour.
Playa de formentor, a thin stretch of sand with a landscape that reminds me of Thailand.
Playa de Muro, the Instagram famous pier (which has now been closed due to damage)

Other beaches well worth a visit, I just didn’t have a photo to include them are:

Cala dor- located on the east coast you will find 3 small beaches in this village.

Sa Calobra, on the northern coast at the end of the long winding road used on many car commercials.

Calo del Moro, also on the eastern coast. A stunning small beach. Arrive early though it gets very busy.

As I said at the beginning of this post there are over 200 beaches on the island so the list really could go on and on. I hope this just gives you an idea of some to visit if you plan to travel to the island of Mallorca in the future.

All photos are my own, feel free to use them but please credit me. @johnbrenttravel


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