Florence, Italy

I’m gonna jump straight in with wow the cathedral, it’s HUGE! My only mistake of visiting this stunning city was I only had one full day to explore.

If you want to go inside or climb to the top tickets sell out quick! I didn’t plan for this so with only one night in Florence it didn’t happen but the outside is amazing. The dome is the largest brick dome in the world.

Next the famous Ponte Vecchio, meaning in English old bridge. This version was built in 1345! It’s full of jewellery shops.

I didn’t get time to go to the uffizi gallery or the other museums this time around. But I did snap a picture of the replica of the famous David statue by Michaelangelo.

A must do aswell is to watch the sunset from up on the hill at Piazzalo Michaelangelo. It was stunning.

Florence is full of choices when it comes to bars and restaurants and prices are reasonable even around the cathedral. I stopped off for a drink. I think it was the best presented aperol spritz of my trip.

For lunch I cannot recommend this place enough! Be prepared to queue or go when it opens at 10am. The sandwich is huge.

I definitly plan to return to Florence in the near future. It was one of my favourite cities so far in Italy.

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