Sevilla, Spain

Having just returned from Sevilla, Spain I can confirm it’s one of the most photogenic cities I’ve been to in Europe.

Situated in the south of the country I arrived from Mallorca, the flight took 1hr and 15 minutes. The airport was easy to navigate and the bus to the city took around 25 minutes costing 4€. You could buy a ticket on the bus.
I chose to stay at apartamentos Los Angeles. The appartment was fine with twin beds and a full kitchen costing 35€ a night for 2 people.

First place we went to see was the setas de Sevilla. (In English mushrooms). These giant wooden structures claim to be the biggest wooden structure in the world. They were really cool, difficult to photograph though I found. For 5€ you can take an elevator to the roof for a panoramic view of the city with all its churches. There used to be a bar on top but sadly it’s now closed. The highest point is 28.5m.

Walking around Sevilla it became clear very quickly that tourism was really lacking. Many shops and restaurants were closed including big named hotels. Sadly also some attractions such as museums and the famous bullring.

After enjoying a wine on one of sevillas rooftop bars we walked around the cathedral. It was huge! The whole area was really nice to stroll around.

The next morning we caught the sunrise from the Puente De Triana, it was a nice view over the city. With the sunrising surprisingly late at 815am.
After breakfast we headed to plaza de Espana.

Wow! What a place, you could take endless photos here and still take more. I can imagine in a “normal” year it would get very crowded but this year as we all know is different. It’s free to walk around and besides it is a huge park area. 

Next up casa de pilatos. An impressive palace dating far back to 1483. It cost 10€ to enter with an audio headset tour. The palace really felt like I was in Morocco or even India. Alot of Sevillas architecture is heavily Arabic influenced.
The audio tour was a bit heavy we ended up walking around not really listening to it after half way.

On the final day we planned to visit the royal palace of Alcazar. When we arrived the queue was endless. It was a Sunday so I’m guessing that it was mainly locals as I hadn’t seen this many tourists the whole time I was there. So if you want to visit the palace definitly buy a ticket online. They cost 12.50€.

After eating some tapas for lunch we walked to the bullring to find it was closed. So we had a leisurely stroll along the river banks, this area was really nice.

Then we decided to go back to plaza de Espana as it was our favourite place in the city. Then it was time to head back to the airport. We used the airport bus again which departs every 20 minutes.

Sevilla overall is an incredible place to go on a city break. Very easy to get around on foot, you will find yourself just looking at all of the buildings as you walk around. In summer it gets crazy hot so I’d recommend going either in spring or autumn. I hope that after the pandemic tourists return to Sevilla and the economy can recover.


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