To Brazil….

Just wanted to scribble a quick note. I’ve just boarded my first flight of the day. Heading to Brazil to finish 2020 off.

Feel super lucky to travel during these times. Logistically it’s a bit different so hopefully it all goes to plan.

Today I’m flying from Palma de Mallorca to Madrid and onto Lisbon. One of my favourite cities! Then tomorrow I take the flight early to São Paulo. I’m not sure if I will get chance to update the blog during this time. If I don’t then in the new year I will give all my findings from Brazil!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who subscribed and reads my blog. It’s been the best year so far for it it’s actually up 2000% on last year.

I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and let’s hope in 2021 travel becomes easier and more accessible for everyone.

Thanks again JB x

(to follow my journey follow me on insta at @johnbrenttravel )


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