Rio de Janerio… Part 1

Rio de janerio, I arrived in the city after taking a flight from Lisbon which took just over 10 hours and cost under 200€ with Latam. I then took a short 40 minute flight from São Paulo. I arrived into the domestic airport SDU.
I planned to book a taxi online but the wifi wasn’t working. Asking outside a taxi to my hotel cost 55 brazillian reals (around 9€). It took 20 minutes to reach my hostel on ipenema beach. Paying 8€ a night I had a dorm room for 6 people at the Ipenema beach house.

The room was very small and the bed resembled sleeping on a table. I’d made up my mind by the next morning that I’d be leaving.
The sun rises very early in Rio! Around 5am. In the morning I went down to look at the beach, the weather was very moody with some rain too. I decided in the afternoon to do a tour of Santa Teresa and the famous colourful steps of Lapa. It was a really great tour lasting for 4 hours and costing 25€.

The next morning I packed my belongings to move to L’Homme de Rio. A boutique hotel around 15 minutes walk from Copocabana beach. It cost 35€ a night and I instantly fell in love. The room was perfect with a great view from the balcony, a super comfortable bed and best of all a rooftop pool and bar. The rest of the day I did pretty much nothing. From the hotel bar I had 4 Budweiser, a bottle of water and a coffee during my stay which came to a total of 54b$ (9€)

Day 3 the sun came out for a while in the morning so I chilled round the pool before doing a tour of the Tijuca national park and botanical gardens in the afternoon. I saw toucans which was definitly a highlight.

Onto day 4! Time was going quickly in Rio, I opted to do a tour of the downtown area. Of course I wanted to visit the sugarloaf mountain and the Christ the redeemer statue, however the weather wasn’t going to let that happen just yet! I am so glad I visited the downtown area really do not miss it!! Amazing wall art, the museum of tomorrow and the birth place of samba.
The portuguese library also not a place to be missed!

Day 5 I was unsure what to do, the weather still didn’t look great so I asked my tour guide and she offered to do a tour to take a tour of Niterói, a town just 30 minutes from Rio but with great views of the skyline. To get there we went over a bridge spanning nearly 14km. Unfortunately due to the weather there was hardly any view and 2 of the places we had planned to visit were closed.

On the way back though we stopped at Sugarloaf mountain. The weather had brightened up a bit and the views were pretty epic dispite the Christ statue being under a cloud. There was no queue to get onto the cable car which was great sometimes they can exceed 2 hours! It cost around 20€.

After sugarloaf mountain I got dropped off at Copacobana beach and enjoyed a few caipirinhas. That evening I was gifted with the most magical sunset at Ipenema beach. The colours were unreal and the whole beach clapped and cheered.

The next day I was leaving to go to the town of Paraty, 5 hours south of Rio.
I’ll return to Rio soon with hopes of making it up to the Christ the redeemer statue.
If I’m honest for sometime I havent ventured to South America, Asia was always my go to place for the winter. In just a few days though I have fallen in love with the city and the country of Brazil. I had worries about safety and crime but to be honest it felt like just any other big city I’ve travelled to. With the added bonus of having amazing beaches, forests and endless food and drink options. I would highly recommend the city.
I don’t like to talk about covid on my travel feeds, however I know it’s a hot topic. The city of Rio is having another surge with cases. With some of the beaches being closed in the near future. I felt pretty safe in the city, alot of people were wearing masks, there was hand sanitizer in every shop and quite a few were doing temperature checks. In the car going through Lapa the bars were full and no one was wearing a mask so I’m guessing the party scene is where the problem lies. (For once I’ve been avoiding it). 

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