Travel 2020…the recap.

2020, a year I’m sure none of us will ever forget. Where the words social distancing, covid, lockdown all entered out vocabulary for the first time. Travel restrictions were put all over the world. People spent months on end at home. Who ever thought there would be a time we couldn’t just jump on a plane and travel….

For me personally it’s been a strange year, I didn’t work a single day. Some people might think it’s lucky but I actually miss my job so much. So I’m really hoping to start again in March. I do feel very greatful that I live in a country where the government have financially supported people.

I wanted to run down a recap of my year of travel. I didn’t visit the places I had in mind but I feel truely lucky for the places I got to explore.

In February my first trip was to Marrakech, Morocco. An incredible city that I was returning to for the second time.

Then followed a 12 week lockdown in Spain. Straight after it ended I went for a week to Italy. Discovering many incredible cities by train.

Highlights included the beautiful Florence.

The iconic leaning tower of Pisa. Which I managed to visit minus the crowds.

Followed by the incredible Cinque Terre and the town of Camogli.

In this trip I also visited Bologna, Como, Milan and Genoa. Next up I took a short break to the island of Ibiza, Spain. Which is just a few hours by ferry from home.

I returned to one of my favourite European cities. Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have visited this city many times. It was surprisingly busy and I actually cut my time there short.

From there I flew to Naples, Italy. To explore the historical site of Pompeii. The city of Naples I wasn’t a huge fan but it was a good 2 days never the less.

In September I took a weekend break to the city of Sevilla, Spain. Wow it was stunning. There were very few tourists too so it was a photographer’s heaven.

In October I left for a week in Portugal first visiting Porto. I fell instantly in love with the city. It’s a must visit for 2021! Put it on your list!

From there I took a coach down to the capital city of Lisbon. I had visited this city before and already loved it. This time I explored Sintra. This place was madness full of cool castles and palaces.

Onto the final trip of the year. I headed to South America for the first time. Starting in Brazil’s Rio de Janerio. This city has it all! It really took me away. I would put this high on your list.

It’s been a tough year to travel with the restrictions and many routes being closed. I feel super fortunate to have visited the places that I have. I always knew Brazil was a bit of a risk with the virus cases rising. However I believe that if you are sensible you don’t go to busy bars, you wear a face mask and you wash your hands often then you can travel safely.

Hoping that 2021 has many more opportunities. Personally I would love to return to Asia, specifically Indonesia for the first time.

This will be my last post for 2020. I hope everyone manages to have a good Christmas. It might not be a usual one but let’s all be greatful for the people we have around us and the food on our tables.

Thanks for following my blog and the journey will continue next year.

Take care x


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