What did I learn from travel?

I wanted to start off by saying thanks for reading and how much I love sharing my journeys with you!

In my opinion travelling truly makes you wiser. It helps you grow as a person and gives you incredible experiences that become stories years down the line. It’s a great opportunity to unplug from technology and to give you more time to actually live!

I feel like travel has taught me so much I’d like to share here a few of them. This post will actually never end as everytime I travel I learn something new.

1) You are never alone… you can make friends anywhere. If you smile and have a positive attitude you have the opportunity to meet some unforgettable people. I celebrated NYE in Ho Chi Minh City last year and it was an absolute blast.

It can also help you realize that the friendships you have at home are true or based on convenience.

2) To think outside the box… often when we leave home we expect to find things to be similar in different places. The first time you sleep in Asia and discover how firm the beds are or the first time you turn the shower on to find out there’s only cold water. All of these experiences add to the adventure.

3) To accept kindness…The first time when you’re travelling and a local offers you a drink or a local delicacy it’s common to be cynical without even realizing.

4) To embrace your fears… Whether you’re afraid of heights, animals or the open water for example, travelling is your time to conquer them. I didn’t like the open seas but did a trial dive in Egypt. 52 scuba dives later I’m SO HAPPY I took the jump. I don’t particularly like suspension bridges but if I didn’t climb this on in El Nido, Philippines I wouldn’t have been rewarded with this view.

5) To smile more…I cant put my finger on it but when we travel we smile more at people we don’t know. Especially in countries like the Philippines and Cambodia, I swear my cheeks ache for the first few days from smiling so much. It costs nothing I wish it was more of a European culture.

6) Opportunity comes in failure…When you travel not everything goes to plan. An example can be volunteering in Vietnam. It wasn’t my best experience. However I did make some amazing friends in the process. Or more recently in Naples, Italy when I had a crazy train journey which led me to with an amazing host in Pompeii.

7) To value your health… In this time more than ever, after the Covid-19 pandemic. I feel like the luckiest person to be healthy! It’s also made me think more that it’s important to think about your diet and how you treat your body. Last year I gained considerable weight and I realized it was going to make travelling harder for me so I followed a plan and lost 17kg.

8) Not to travel to escape your problems… I’ve been guilty of this in the past, I face a trauma at home and I pack my bags. Sadly when you get home the problem can very often still be there. Find peace with the situation and move forward then plan your next trip. I returned recently from a week travelling solo in Italy and it was truely one of my favourite trips because I did it for the right reasons.

9) To be confident… Travelling boosted my confidence, being thrust into situations with strangers. Trying to communicate with locals when there’s a language barrier and being in situations that make you nervous.

10) To be grateful…Travelling made me realize that its human nature to grumble about the things that aren’t going the way you want them to. When travelling through parts of Asia, seeing people shower with buckets in the streets or doing the dishes by the side of the road made me realize how much I took a shower for granted.

11) You have to try new things… From adrenaline sports to trying a new dish. You might hate it but you might also love it! If you don’t try it you could be missing out! This dish in the Philippines was incredible on the side of the street I hope one day I can eat it again.

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