Food in Italy

If there is one thing to love about Italy it is FOOD! With drink being a close second. I’m not going to write pages and pages in this post. It’s going to be a visual story! Enjoy!

Parma ham & buffalo mozzerella served with focaccia bread in Como.
Pizza with anchoives, Milan
Caramel pannacota, Milan
Cappuccino, Milan
Pasta in a shop front, Como
Aperol spritz, Florence
Tagiatelle with Ragu, Bologna
The most amazing peanut and dolce de leche gelato, Modena
Lasagne, San Martino Bistrot, Bologna
Penne with tomato and basil, Florence
The Maddest sandwich, Florence
Brushcetta, La Torre, Pisa
Pesto, Genoa
Calamari, Monterosso
Spaghetti carbonara, Milan
Tiramisu, Milan

If you’re not hungry now then maybe see a doctor? Just kidding. The food was unreal. Especially the gelato and the carbonara which was so good. I didn’t get round to eating polenta or tortellini or risotto but it sounds like a good enough excuse to return!


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