Travelling into the deep…

In 2014 I travelled to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Mainly for some sun at the end of the summer and to take a trip to the pyramids. Scuba diving had never appealed to me, I wasn’t a fan of the sea at all. On the second day, one of the entertainment team in the hotel sold me a try dive. I got on the boat and I was beyond nervous and that was just about jumping off the boat. Once my head was under the water though I had my eyes opened to a whole new world. 52 dives later I’m so happy I took the leap.

The first 12 dives after that took place in cold lakes in the UK. I can’t say I particularly enjoyed them. But with the help of amazing instructors I was ready to take the jump into the ocean with the first stop.


I completed 6 dives and got truly lucky with the first one, seeing a turtle. Which the dive guide said was completely unlikely in December. I also took 2 dives to the famous shipwreck the Zenobia. A container ship which sunk in 1980 and is 172 metres long!


My worst dive. I don’t have much to say on the matter. The company were rude, unfriendly and on the first dive I saw nothing at all. I cancelled the next 2 dives.

Alicante, Spain

Completed 2 dives here, they went really well saw a good range of fish and an octopus.

Cascais, Portugal

First dives in the Atlantic and it was chilly, around 10 degrees colder than the previous dives. There was a good amount of fish though and a strong current which was interesting.

Tenerife, Spain

4 dives here, so many fish including Atlantic stingrays which was immense. The rock formations were really cool and I did my deepest dive at 28.4m.

On to Asia!

Ko Tao, Thailand

28 degrees sea temperature, I was more than happy! A good range of fish including a friendly puffer fish that followed us around on one of the 2 dives.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

I SAW A WHALE SHARK. I couldn’t believe it, 2 incredible dives. Tuna, barracuda, batfish, clownfish (nemo), angelfish and a whale shark. I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop smiling for about 2 days after.

Similian islands, Thailand

Up to dive 32 already, I did 11 dives from a live aboard boat.

My main goal was to see the giant manta ray but sadly this didn’t happen. I did however see some amazing coral, many turtles, lionfish, eels and a very angry triggerfish which is my favourite fish of all. ( It’s me in fish form).

Back to Europe for dive number 43,

Ibiza, Spain

I did 2 dives in July 2017, both were really good with a lot of fish. One was around a platform and I went down to 30m for the first time.

Mallorca, Spain

Just the one dive, sadly not many fish. The visibility was really good though and it was good to get back in the water.

I then went back to Asia,

Bohol, Philippines

This next dive blew my mind. After having a disaster at the start and loosing my mask, on the first dive of a 5 week trip in the Philippines I jumped off the boat to be immersed with a group of around 1000 jackfish. The feeling was insane, with the added bonus of seeing many turtles.  The second dive I saw many fish including groups of triggerfish, I love the way they swim from side to side.

Apo Island, Philippines

I did 2 dives here, famous for turtles and as with nature…I didn’t see any. Good job Bohol had a that ticked for me. The diving was nice but it was so busy with divers. So this is a turtle I saw in Bohol!

Moalboal, Philippines

Dive 51, I had come to Moalboal for one thing, the Sardine run. I literally put my head under and there it was. The year round phenomenon of millions of sardines. The photos and videos I took just don’t do it justice. The visibility was great and the water was 30 degrees. I was so happy.

The second dive here was a drift dive, we went along a ledge that was teeming with marine life. So many fish and amazing colour coral. It felt like I was stationary with a cinema reel infront of me.

Malapascua, Philippines

The final dive to date, sadly it was the least successful after Malta. A typhoon had just passed through, therefore the visibility was horrendous. On top of that there was a really strong swell. From the second I jumped from the boat I knew it wasn’t going to be a good dive. The whole group were clinging onto the chain to descend on with all our strength. Finally getting down to 30 metres we kneeled down on a ledge to see the main attraction. The thresher shark! Sadly due to the visibility it just wasn’t possible. The dive company cancelled the next 2 dives due to the sea conditions.

Will I dive again? That’s a question I can’t answer right now. The last few dives I had a problem equalising my ears and I feel like I’ve been truely lucky to see what I’ve seen under the water. So for now at least I’ll be keeping my head above the water.

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