To travel is to live?

To travel is to live… The name of my blog, a motto I really believe in, but in 2021 do I still believe it?
Over the past 5 years I’ve been incredibly lucky, I’ve regularly heard the phrases can I see you passport please? Fasten your seatbelts… Do you have any liquids? I’ve travelled to over 40 countries the most recent being a 5 week trip to Brazil at the end of 2020.

Over the past 12 months the way we travel has changed so much. For many people travel hasn’t existed at all or a staycation has taken place. A word that hadn’t even entered our vocabulary but then again neither had social distancing or PCR test.
The pandemic has caused wanderlust like never before. Many of us scrolling through Instagram dreaming of eating street food in Asia or being in an all inclusive hotel in Cancun.
My journey home from Brazil was the most stressful of my life. From Rio de Janerio to Paris to Amsterdam and finally London city.

With my PCR test in hand showing I was covid negative I finally showed my passport to enter the UK. 10 days quarentine the home office official barked at me. After being awake nearly 30 hours I arrived at my brother’s flat.
A few days later it happened, first my brother covid positive then I had a bit of a cough so I ordered a home test. There it was…the positive result. Luckily the virus wasn’t too nasty to me the biggest inconvenience was my loss of taste, which went on to last 10 days. My brother spent just over 3 weeks in hosptial but is now recovering at home.

3 weeks after landing in the UK and isolating for 16 days I finally booked my flight back to Spain. I went for a drive through PCR test at London Gatwick costing £60. That evening my result came back negative. A big sigh of relief!

I took my flight home with Air Europa via Madrid, the joy of travelling had been well and truely zapped out of my system. I no longer felt joy at being at an airport or on a plane. With PCR test, residency card and QR code in hand I successfully made the journey.

Landing back into Mallorca I noticed straight away the bright skies, it felt so good to be back home.
For the first time in several years I had no desire to travel, I had no feeling to check for flights. Travelling now is very stressful, guidelines can change literally at any time. Every country has a different set of rules and restrictions in place. A few weeks passed and I could feel that burning feeling inside me thinking about where or when I can go next. The big question was when! After checking prices I decided to book a flight to Miami in November 2021. This summer I feel like I’ll probably spend most of my time in Mallorca with maybe a day trip to Barcelona and Valencia however only once the situation has calmed down a bit more.

Is it right for people to travel now? It’s a tough question to answer and again depending on different countries it depends if you are listening to the rules from your country.
What I don’t agree with is travel shaming. There has been alot on social media even on the UK news shaming influencers who have chosen to travel during a pandemic. It’s been beyond tragic how many lives have been lost to the virus over the past 12 months. However what will also be tragic is the loss of lives due to mental health. If someone feels like travelling is their way to keep themselves in one piece then why are we to judge?

In summary I still believe to travel is to live, I still believe that travelling educates you to no end. But maybe 2021 is the year to reflect on where we have travelled, what experiences we have had. To look back and be greatful and then build on the plans for the future.

I hope everyone’s keeping well! Do you have any travel plans? My blog will be a bit quieter this year however be sure to connect with me on Instagram @johnbrenttravel where you will find up to date goings on.


  1. Totally get your desire to travel as well as your desire to step back from it this year to reflect and plan. Really enjoy your blogs, sometimes feel like I am there and can see/feel the sun and sea!! Keep them coming.
    Trying to book my first holiday in nearly 5 yrs and it is a struggle! Had 2 cancelled already but just have to keep trying.

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  2. Great post John, really thought provoking stuff mate. We’re in a bit of an unprecedented time I guess, I can imagine all of the flights involved in getting you back from Brazil and on to Spain will have taken their toll! I reckon the bug will get you before you go to Miami though haha, that said a summer in Mallorca sounds pretty good to me!

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