Top 10…Thailand!

10) Koh Samui- Comes in in 10th place, it was the island that I least connected with in Thailand. It felt very touristic with little character. After visiting Ko Tao a week before it was a lot more commercial.

9) Koh Phangan- Famous for the full moon party, which granted was great fun. Apart from that the island didn’t have much happening. The beaches were pretty average and the locals unfriendly. It was almost as if they were tired of tourism.

8) Phuket- The biggest of the Thai islands, actually it didn’t have an island feel to it. Patong was fun for a crazy night out and there were some nice beaches and sunset views.

7) Khao Sok- The lake and limestone cliffs were stunning! It was like something from the movie avatar. However it was tricky to get there and once you have seen the views there isn’t much to do. A few days here is ample.

6) Phi Phi Islands- Rose to fame after the movie The Beach, however this area is now closed to tourists for the past few years. Phi Phi is a fun island full of party, boat trips and nice beaches. However it is also expensive compared to other areas in Thailand. With some prices triple that of Bangkok.

5) Bangkok- Its humid and chaotic but I love it. I’ve passed through Bangkok 3 times and every time I’ve made new discoveries. Its full of amazing temples and great for shopping. Even taking a trip down the river is full of excitement. A night out on Khaosan road is not to be missed, however if you want to sleep this is not the place to stay with music playing full volume until 6am!

4) Chiang Mai- Located a few hours north of Bangkok I was unsure if I would like it as I’m normally happier by the sea. But Chiang Mai is FULL of adventure. Time goes very fast here with options to trek, zip line, cookery schools and ethical elephant homes. There’s a huge street market and some of the best street food I’ve eaten.

3) Pai- 729 bends from Chiang Mai, Pai is a small village full of charm and the perfect place to chill. It’s a great place to rent a scooter and visit the location attractions such as the big Buddha. Its one of the most laidback places I’ve visited.

2) Ao Nang, Krabi- One of my favourite places in Thailand, if not the world. There isn’t a shortage of things to do here. Island hopping, elephant trekking, and tiger temples you name it. There are some amazing beaches such as Railey and an abundance of food options. It has a relaxed vibe to it but you also have the option to party into the night.

1) Ko Tao- This small island had to be my number 1. When you think of the perfect island you think of Ko Tao. Amazing beaches, great for snorkelling and scuba diving. I saw a whale shark here too! There are many food options, it’s easy to get around on a scooter to explore the great viewpoints.

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