Top 10! The Philippines

After spending 5 weeks in the Philippines in 2019 it is a place that truly that stole a piece of my heart. The friendliest people I’ve ever met, stunning scenery and crazy cheap food and drink.

Here’s a run down of my top 10!

10) Coron, I could only place this as number 10 as a special mention as my flight was cancelled and I didn’t get there. From what i’ve heard though it’s definitely one to check out and one I will be stopping by next time.

9) Manila, The capital, its busy, its hot but I actually enjoyed the city. Great nightlife and malls. Make sure you check out the famous volcano Mount Taal too.

Place to eat: Buffalo wild wings, Mall of Asia

8) Sagada, Probably the least touristic place I went too, the climate was cold! Which took me by surprise. The rice terraces were amazing to see. The famous lemon pie house and bakery were both unreal.

Place to eat: Sagada Hub

7) Puerto Princesa, The main city in Palawan, famous for the incredible under ground river.

Place to eat: Inasal

6)Dumaguete, The town itself didn’t excite me so much however it is a great stop to do excursions to Apo Island, popular for scuba diving with turtles. Also you can rent a bike and ride one hour north to Bais City. From here you can do a day trip to the Manjuyod Sandbar, dubbed the Maldives of the Philippines. This was my favourite travel day trip of all times.  

Place to eat: Jam Rock

5) Bohol, Famous for the chocolate hills and tarsiers. Sadly due to the weather I didn’t reach either. I did however do some of the best scuba diving I’ve ever done from Alona beach.

Place to eat: Shaka

4)Malapascua, A stunning paradise island, famous for scuba diving with thresher sharks. Unfortunately I visited just after a typhoon passed. We couldn’t reach the island for 2 days then the visibility in the sea was very poor. Hopefully one day I can return.

Place to eat: Craic House

3) Moalboal, A hub for scuba diving with the schools of sardines and the kawasan falls. The town has got a typical backpackers vibe to it and you could easily end up spending more time here than you planned.

Place to eat: Venz kitchen

2)Siquijor, This Island is magical. Perfect for renting a scooter, for visiting waterfalls and cliff jumping. Not so many tourists either.

Place to eat: Monkey business

 1) El Nido, Had to be my top spot, some of the most stunning scenery I’ve seen. Spending days on the water. It’s truly a backpacker’s paradise. Nacpan beach is one of the nicest beaches I’ve been too.

Place to eat: Altrove

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