Rome, Italy

I travelled to Italy several times in the past few years. One city has evaded me til now and that is Rome. I arrived into the cities Ciampino airport with a flight from ryanair. From there you take a bus and a train which takes total 30 minutes to the cities Termini station. This cost me 2.50€. I then needed a metro nearer to my hotel which cost 1.50€ for a 100 minute ticket. I stayed near the Vatican at Franklin feel the sound hotel. It cost around 90€ for 2 nights.
After my first lunch in a place called spaghetti, it looked busy and I had a carbonara costing 10€.
Then I headed to my 43rd country. The Vatican city. I already bought my ticket on get your guide which cost £18 for entrance and the museum’s. You needed the EU vaccine passport to enter, it also stated no shorts which panicked me a bit as I only had shorts but I got in with no problems.

That day I covered alot of ground checking out the trevi fountain, pantheon, father of the alterland, the Spanish steps and Castel Sant’Angelo.

Before eating lasagna and heading back to my hotel room.
The second day I had a tour booked at 1030 of the Colosseum, Palestine hill and forum. I paid £34 for this 3 hour tour with a guide. Which was well worth it for the information alone. There was a big queue to access the sight again with the EU vaccine passport being checked. The facts and history of this place were incredible.

I enjoyed a lunch in pizza forum a place nearby that had been recommended to me. I had a pizza with 4 stuffed pockets costing 15€.

The rest of the day I spent wandering around the cities squares and parks.
My third day I opted to leave the city via train to 2 villages around 40 minutes north of Rome. These were called Bracciano and Anguillara, they were located on the edge of lake Bracciano a former volcano crater.
Bracciano has a huge castle which was pretty impressive to walk around, entrance cost 8€ it was also the place where Tom Cruise got married.

Anguillara had a black sand beach on the shores of the lake.

My final night I slept in Fiumicino as I had an early flight home. During the day the place really didn’t impress me. But at night time it had a nice vibe with the sun setting over the fishing boats I enjoyed some food outside where it was fairly busy.

If you plan to visit Rome or indeed Italy in the near future just ensure you carry your id and vaccine passport as you need it for everything even to sit down for a coffee.


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