Top meals from around the world.

Why do I travel? Food…well it’s up there with the reasons. I love exploring and what better way to do it than with your taste buds, from 1€ Street food to 20€ steaks. I couldn’t do a top 10 but I could choose some of my top finds in different categories.
Best street food has to be pad Thai, in Bangkok, Thailand. It was the first thing when I arrived on Khason road. Costing 50thb (1.20€) and being made freshly Infront of you.

Best vegan find, this amazing burger in the Philippines.They serve no meat here at all. This patty was so tasty with a vegan cheese sauce, guacamole and caramelized pineapple. With around 8 burgers to choose from as well as smoothie bowls this is a great place to eat whether you’re a meat eater or not. (Shaka, El Nido/ Bohol, Philippines)

Best fast food, Wendy’s. This was my first time and actually occured when I arrived in Vancouver, Canada. Maybe it was so good as I’d just done an 11 hour flight. It really hit the spot.

Best formal meal, this pork belly served with scallops. The flavours and presentation were unreal. This was served by Princess cruises during an Alaska cruise.

Which brings me on to best dessert. Served on the same ship. This fusion of the silkiest chocolate with pistachio nut crumb and white chocolate. I still can’t get over how good this was a year on. I’m not a big dessert person either.

The best sandwich, I ate in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in this small cafe next to a train station. It was simple with a perfectly cooked fried egg and chicken ham. The bread had a slight sweet taste it just worked so well. ( A Toast, Pudu)

In Mallorca I ate the best “meat feast” I’m lucky to call Mallorca home so it’s not far to go. All cooked on a wood fuelled BBQ even the fries with whole cloves of garlic and sweet peppers. (Can Torrat, Arenal)

Eating locally in the Philippines with a traditional boodle fight! I took part in one just outside Sagada. With rice, chicken, mussels and a broth. Served on a banana leaf, this is eaten with your hands and you all share. It was a fun experience.

The best inflight meal, served by Norwegian travelling from Krabi, Thailand to Stockholm, Sweden. You only get food travelling in premium included.

My favourite cuisine, it’s a tough choice between Indian and Mexico. I’m a spice lover, I haven’t travelled to Mexico yet though so this amazing thali is the winner. The depth of flavours, different spices was just incredible.

Lastly, it’s not a culinary masterpiece but if you’ve travelled to Thailand or infact many parts of Asia I couldn’t leave this out. The famous ham and cheese toasty from 7-eleven. Costing just 1€, the handy breakfast snack or the end of the night bedtime saviour after too many changs.

I also love Italian food. Pizza and pasta is often a favourite option when dining out locally or abroad. However I haven’t had a true Italian experience so I figured this will have to wait to make the list until I visit Italy hopefully in the coming months.

* Spring rolls in the cover photo were in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in a food market.


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