Favourite travel quotes

During this time being stuck at home I took time to look at quotes online to give me comfort and remind me why I get strength through travel.

I had to start with this quote, after all my blog was named after it. I truely believe that the more you travel the more you experience life.
This couldn’t apply to me more. I’m not a possessions person. I could probably fit all my belongings in 2 cases. I travelled Asia for 6 weeks with 7kg of hand luggage!
I only have 3 years left…. I’m not sure I’ll succeed but I’m going to try. If only I got stamps in Europe. So far I have 15 pages complete.
Third and final quote on the passport. This is so true. How many amazing travel stories have you made?
Sometimes it’s easier to return to somewhere familiar especially if you had a good time than take a chance on somewhere new. I’m guilty of this when it comes to Thailand after visiting 3 times but each time I’ve had a new experience.
I love this quote, it’s so true. When you meet people for the first time travelling they meet you face on. Suddenly you can spend hours chatting to a complete randomer watching the sunset.
There’s nothing better when travelling than be adventurous. Trying food for the first time or facing your fears with adrenaline sports.
Travel has become cheaper and more accessible over the years. It’s a question would you rather spend money on a night out in your home town or save up and see another part of the planet.
Leading on from the last quote, I feel like the experiences I’ve had travelling have grown me as a person.
I love this quote and it’s one that inspired me to travel more. Regardless of your age. You really don’t need to save up alot of money to travel. I have travelled a few times with little money. For example I spent 5 nights in Thailand mainly eating pot noodles and toasties from 7eleven BUT I was sitting on a beach in Thailand.

I could have posted alot more, I’m sure there are many amazing ones I’ve missed. If you have a favourite feel free to drop it in the comment box below.



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