Genoa, Italy

I arrived in Genoa after visiting Cinque Terre. It felt like a shock to my system being in a large city after passing through paradise along the coastline. After checking in to my guest house I had a walk along the sea front. It was very built up, I was lucky to get a glance of the new virgin voyages cruise ship.

I then walked up to the cities main square Piazza De Ferrari. Getting here from the sea front I walked through a maze of small streets. It felt very dark and a little bit daunting.

That evening I walked around trying to find an Italian restaurant to eat the pesto famous from the area. I really struggled. I passed kebab shop after kebab shop and when I did find an Italian one it was closed. Maybe it was because of the lack of tourists in the area at present. I had no idea it was the birth place of Christopher Columbus.

I then made the decision to wake up at 6am and take the train down to Camogli for the morning before moving on to Milan. This was an absolute GEM! The train was fully booked so I took the train to Recco and walked 20 minutes along the coast. This was the first glimpse I caught of the village.

After sitting for a while in the harbour having a morning coffee I took a walk along the seafront.

After I decided to take the hike up to San Rocco, it was tough! It was only 0930am but the sun was beaming and there were many many steps.

Reaching the top the view was more than worth it.

I only had a few hours to spend in Camogli but from what I saw I would love to return. There was a castle on the entrance of the harbour but it was closed.

I left at midday to take the train back to Genoa and then onto Milan. Camogli was for sure a highlight of my week in Italy.



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