10 years of visiting Amsterdam…

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Just a 30 minute flight from London and under 2 hours from most cities in Europe. The city is known for its red light district and marijuana being smoked legally. But the city has so much more to offer. My first trip to the city was back in 2010.

Since then I have taken trips to the city solo and up to groups of 15. Exploring the canals, museums and of course many bars and restaurants. The heineken brewery is a personal favourite.

In 2013 I visited Amsterdam for new years eve. It was SO busy, we couldn’t get into any bars. But we did catch the midnight fireworks.

The following year I went to the Amsterdam music festival in the Ajax arena. It was insane!

For the following 3 years I made 4 trips to the city always staying in this little cottage in Amsterdam Noord.

I love the fact that the centre of Amsterdam is very compact and you can cover most of the area on foot. Around the city there is alot of nice graffiti.

The canals are full of endless photo opportunities and look stunning during the night and day. The red light district has got considerably smaller over the past decade, with windows where ladies once stood being replaced by trendy art galleries and bespoke shops.

And of course you can’t visit Amsterdam without visiting a coffee shop. Including the most famous and first one in the city. The bulldog.

My last trip to Amsterdam was at the beginning of this month. I couldn’t believe how busy the city was! I also couldn’t believe that when I arrived it was 33 degrees.

For the first time I went to see one of the mills the Sloten which is a reconstructed version from 1847!

I had this incredible burger from the vegan junk food kitchen. I’m not a vegan but I’m trying to reduce how much meat I eat. This burger was “chicken, cheese and bacon”. I hope one day I can eat it again.

Public transport in the city is outstanding. You can pay 22€ for an unlimited ticket for 48hrs including the train from the airport. You can use trams, buses, local trains and boats.

In Amsterdam there is also the rijkmuseum, sex museum, Anne Frank’s house and the Van Gogh museum to name just a few attractions. This time around I also went up the Adam lookout, a tower just near the Amsterdam central. At the top along with the view platform is Europe’s highest swing.

Amsterdam has a wide range of accommodation from sleeping on a boat, to hostels, 5 star hotels or airbnbs. You can pick up a bed in a dorm room from around 20€ a night including breakfast.


  1. Great photos! I’ve been visiting for over 30 years and, aside from the museums, I just love wandering around the canals. But there are other cities in the Netherlands worth visiting, such as Maastricht and Utrecht.


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