The Next Trip…

In just over 3 weeks we depart for South East Asia,

This is our itinerary:


11th January – Depart London Gatwick 13:35 (Emirates flight EK16)

12th January – Arrive Dubai 01:15 Depart 03:15 (Emirates flight EK382)

12th January – Arrive Hong Kong 14:30

17th January – Depart Hong Kong 07:45 Arrive Siem Reap 09:15 (HK Express)

21st January – Depart Siem Reap 09:50 Arrive Bangkok 11:00 (Thai Smile)

21st January- Depart Bangkok 15:20 Arrive Chiang Mai 16:35 (Thai Smile)

22nd January- Depart Chiang Mai- Bus to Pai

25th January- Bus back to Chiang Mai

31st January- Depart Chiang Mai 10:50 Arrive Bangkok 12:00 (Thai Smile)

3rd February- Depart Bangkok 05:40 Arrive Chumphon 06:50 (NOK air)

3rd February- Depart Chumphon 13:00 Arrive Ko Tao 14:45 (Ferry)

9th February- Depart Ko Tao 09:30 Arrive Koh Phangan 10:45 (Ferry)

14th February- Depart Koh Phangan 12:00 Arrive Koh Samui 12:30 (Ferry)

19th February- Depart Koh Samui 09:45 Arrive Surat Thani 11:45 (Ferry)

19th February- Bus to Khao Sok

22nd February- Bus to Patong Beach

28th February- Depart Phuket town 11:00 Arrive Phi Phi 13:00 (Ferry)

2nd March – Depart Phi Phi 15:30 Arrive Ao Nang Beach 17:00 (Ferry)

5th March- Depart Krabi 08:25 Arrive Kuala Lumpur 10:55 (Air Asia)

8th March- Depart Kuala Lumpur 10:55 Arrive Singapore 12:05 (Tiger Air)

11th March- Depart Singapore 10:10 Arrive Dubai 13:45 (Emirates flight EK353)

15th March- Depart Dubai 14:40 Arrive London 18:25 (Emirates flight EK009)

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